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Waste Removers

We offer a safe and responsible waste removal service for all types of waste. Whether it’s a house clearance, commercial clearance or building waste, our waste removers can come and assist to dispose of your waste in an approved manner, meaning no more dreaded tip runs!

  • Debris Clearance

  • Furniture Collection 

  • Electrical Waste Disposal 

  • Mattress Disposals 

  • Sofa Recycling Services

  • Bulky Waste Collections

  • Loft and Garage Decluttering 

  • Remove All Bulky White Goods

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Construction Waste Disposal

  • Personal Item Clearances

  • Clothes Recycling 

  • Garden Waste Collection

  • Basement Clearance

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"The Philby team are a joy to work with. We refer a number of our clients their way and have never been let down. They can assist with all requirements such as Electrical, Gas, redecoration, refurbishments, and extensions (The list goes on)! Cant fault them!"


- Jacob Marsh (Gordon & Co)

  • Should I turn the water off if I have a leak?
    Yes, if you suspect a leak, switch off the water. First, please find your water stop valve, and then turn it clockwise to stop water flow into the house. These are located in the kitchen, bathroom, under the stairs or in a services cupboard. If possible, isolate the leak without turning off the main supply; for example, if you find the leak coming from an appliance, use its isolation valve to stop the water flow. If the leak is severe, switching off the electricity & gas may be required, only if it is safe.
  • Do you offer emergency callouts?
    Yes we have staff available 7 days a week to solve any plumbing issues.
  • How do I unblock a toilet?
    If your toilet is blocked, you will require a plunger, flat head screwdriver and something to protect the surrounding area. Firstly shut off the incoming water supply by locating the isolation valve, usually behind the toilet. Protect the surrounding area from spillage. Next create a vacuum using your plunger, covering the pipe underneath the water and begin pumping. If cleared the water should begin to drain away. Still having issues? Call Philby's to book an engineer.

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